A Love Letter to Champs Diner


I never realized how much I go to Champs Diner until someone pointed it out to me. He said to me- "You really love Champs, more than you love me." Ok, thats not exactly how it went down, but he did point out that I'm "always at Champs" ... as if that really is an issue?!

I discovered Champs after seeing a few of my vegan friends post about it. Diner food that is 100% vegan?! Sign me up. The atmosphere is super quirky and fun. There is sparkly booths, punny vegan art on the walls, and just an overall energetic vibe. 

My best friend Victoria and I always go alllllll out at Champs; we really only ever go with each other. We'll each order our own entree's and split another dish... end up devouring the E N T I R E meal- each and every time. The best thing about Champs Diner to me is that I leave feeling full every time; however, it is NEVER a regretful fullness, but a complete happy and satisfied full. Arguably, I think that is the best part about eating vegan food.

champs 1

The options are ENDLESS. Some of my personal favorites include: Croque Madame: grilled tofu, seitan bacon, cheese, and hollandaise on a pressed hero (with added tomato); Mac Daddy: mac n cheese, seitan bacon, crumbled veggie burger, cherry tomato, broccoli, bread crumbs; and the Breakfast Burrito: crumbled chorizo, tofu scramble, bell peppers, cheese, tater tots, in whole wheat tortilla topped with chipotle mayo served with side salad!

I've even been here with my grandmother, who doesn't even know what being vegan really is! (If you're reading this grandma, I'm sorry to throw you under the bus.) She even enjoyed her meal, which was the eggs benedict!

Ultimately, Champs is for everyone- vegan or not. Theres something for everyone to enjoy!

★ Hot tips ★

Here are some hot tips on how to have the experience of a lifetime at champs:

  1. Go when you have an ample of free time! Usually Victoria and I go for breakfast, aiming to get there shortly after it opens since the wait isn't so bad then. We attempted to go once at 9pm on a Saturday and the wait was from an hour to an hour and a half- YIKES! 
  2. Really study the menu! There are so many options- take your time to look it all over.
  3. Smaller groups = a more fun & successful time. The Champs space can be pretty crammed- there are only two booths that accommodate groups of 4 or larger. You'll have a shorter wait time if you go with one or two other people. I believe its an ideal date spot, or for pairs of 2. You can do what me and my bestie do- order individual entrees and split something else. You'll end up eating each others food regardless. 

I hope you get the chance to go once in your lifetime! If no one will go with you, I will ;-) Let me know in the comments what your favorite is from Champs Diner!